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chel: s-1, a-8, road e-Pang, lianhu yoS, veng xi'an.

shaanxi province, jungwoq

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pipe Tee

pipe Tee

tee common 'ach pipe fitting. lupoQ sockets tugh Surgh Hoch, weld sockets pagh je qaD solvent sockets Dop 'eS Daqvam tugh Surgh 'ej weld Hoch solvent. ngat

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huitong le' yoDSutlIj naQ co., Ltd 'ej supplier productive laSvargh wey je equipped noy jungwoq pipe tee manufacturer je targhHom veDDaq noch pipe tee exporter je seller, SoH je' 'ej jen laHlIj pipe fitting tee, pipe tees, tee pipe wholesale reH yI'el maH, mIw tee, Hub'eghtaHvIS tee vo' laSvargh Hub'eghtaHvIS 3.

tee common 'ach pipe fitting. lupoQ sockets tugh Surgh Hoch, weld sockets pagh je qaD solvent sockets Dop 'eS Daqvam tugh Surgh 'ej weld Hoch solvent. ngat vo' vImughta' QamchoHmo' jIblIj Hoch tlhegh pagh fluid flow split. pipe 'oH nuq'e' rut-tu'lu'bej cha' 'eS Daqvam, chaq DeSDu' 90 ° potlhmo' tlhegh connection ghoghmey Segh. ngaj 'ay', pipe je nech 'eS Daqvam. yIlo' tee pIm diameters pipes rar pagh pipe qet lurgh choH. chenmoH Hap 'u' Sar 'ej lupoQ qaStaHvIS Sar sizes 'ej tep pa'Daq jaH chaH. extensively lo' chaH reH pipeline networks 'ej two-phase fluid mixtures. law' chaH categorized: Equal Tee ghoch HutlhtaHvIS Tee je.

SuvrupDI' branch size je header pipes rap, lo' equal tee 'ej SuvrupDI' branch size puS DotlhDaj header size, lo' reduce tee. rav common je rap inlet 'eS Daqvam 'ej sizes tees. 'op industrial tees 'ach not naQ lutDaj Tee, Reducing Tee, Tee Branch chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj, chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj Branch Reducing Tee, Conical Tee, chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj Branch Conical Tee, Bullhead Tee, Conical Reducing Tee, chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj Branch Conical Reducing Tee, Tangential Tee 'ej categorized chonaDmo', cha'logh vaj Branch Tangential tee.the wovbe' tees on the basis of tu'lu'bej 'ej qach. laH je buv chaH on the basis of application much poQ chaH.

htongsteel wa' 'oH Dev jungwoq pipe tee manufacturers 'ej suppliers, vaj je' DaneH'a' qoj pro targhHom veDDaq noch wey, laSvargh, seller, 'ej exporter tee, nuqneH Hot tlhab maHvaD contact je' jenwI'-laHlIj.


seamless: 1 ghap 2 ''-24 '', Welded: 24 ''-96 '', Thickness: sch10-xxs

grade 'ej Hap 'u'.

stainless yoDSutlIj naQ: astm a403 wp304, 304 l, 316, 316 l, 321.

alloy yoDSutlIj naQ: astm a234 wp12, wp11, wp22, wp5, wp9, wp91.

yoDSutlIj naQ motlh:

ASME B16.9, ASME B16.25, MS SP-75, DIN2615, JIS B2311, JIS B2312, JIS B2313.

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